What Exactly Is Incorrect With Cougar Town Females?

There seems to be a whole lot of controversy surrounding ABC's new television presenting Cougar City. Courteney Cox stars because the bumbling, neurotic, unfiltered, insecure, desperate girl looking to reclaim the folly of her 20's publish divorce. The issue is, she by no means had her 20's. She was active becoming pregnant and then raising her subsequent offspring.

Her characterization flies inside the encounter of what a genuine Cougar woman is, so much so, that one has to wonder if she acts by doing this in your own home. After all, she Is really a Cougar in true life and is married to a guy almost the same age as her junior boy.


I've heard many Cougar women on my site complain," This is not who we are as Cougars! What exactly is Incorrect with this picture?"

What's incorrect may be the media who has yet again grabbed at the brass ring of ratings and sold out a demographic of females and painted them using the broad brush stroke of desperate, horny, older girls inclined to jump on anything at all which has a pulse.

Absolutely nothing may very well be described in the real life. Real Cougar females are discriminating and selective. They are not likely to leap just because some youthful man hits them up on a site. There are much far more young guys from whom to choose. Cougars can have their select from the litter.

Admittedly, there are some girls out there who will gown inappropriately, hang out at bars and swill down white wine and take house more youthful guys for casual intercourse. From my psychological viewpoint, these girls have issues with on their own that warrant a prognosis, achievable medication and many years of psychotherapy. Girls who on a regular basis take part in casual, indiscriminate sex most likely did so once they had been youthful. This is not part of getting a Cougar. It truly is a part of getting a diagnose illness like Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Persona Disorder and so on.

For about a year I have created this dating dynamic a part of my personal analysis and written many articles about it. The minority of Cougar ladies are currently being sensationalized right into a false vast majority as boy chasing, leopard print sporting, desperate, horny, aging floozies. In reality, the bulk of Cougar ladies are moms, aunts, CEOs, nurses, computer programmers, marketing executives, office managers, attorneys, physicians, stay in your own home moms, and would no much more act just like the Cougar Town girls in public than they would increase their fingers to volunteer for any root canal without having anesthesia.

What exactly is wrong with all the stereotype of your Cougar girl is always that they act too much much like the male jerks females attempt whatsoever charges to avoid. Grabbing men's butts in bars, throwing their leg around a man's shoulder in public to show their "flexibility" and acting out like junior higher school women isn't why younger men are drawn to older ladies. Treating guys like intercourse objects in an work to "be equal" to guys who've handled girls like sex objects for so extended does not raise our bar. It lowers it to your identical stage of base habits that we detest.

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