Tips And Tricks For A Good Website Design

If you have finally decided to design your business website, you need to understand what your customers expect. You might be having some wonderful designing ideas, but before applying them you have to hit the obstacles that can prevent the application of your ideas. It is very important for any designing company to understand the perspective of the target audiences. Here are some tips or tricks that would help you to generate a great website with excellent design.

  • In order to prevent over designing, choose the design in shades of gray. A web designer creates a wire frames before creating a visual design. This will help you understand the importance if starting with the shades of gray. You need to add your photography and give color to your design elements one at a time. This will help you to place prominence on the items that need it.
  • Instead of creating prototypes for web pages, landing pages or other web interface elements are the best way for which you don't need Photoshop. Keynote (the Apple's version of PowerPoint) is the best option to create mockups. There is an online repository of user interface design templates available for prototyping, wireframing and testing different applications in Keynote.
  • Many website owners do lots of efforts to make their website perfect, get people to it, but they also invite them to leave it by placing social media icons in a prominent location like header. You need to understand that the appropriate position of these icons is in the footer. If you really wish that your customers stay, know and inquire about your products & services, then they have to stay at your website, rather than checking out pictures on social media.
  • Multiple slides rolling on the first page has become a fashion among the websites, but this doesn't work as visitors don't stay for long on your website to experience all of the slides. The one thing a visitor is interested to know is usually what your company does. This should be described in layman's term.
  • The most important thing that is extremely important to consider in any website is its navigation. Simplify your website navigation as it will guide your customers towards the most productive content. Instead of overwhelming your website with links to every page, it would be suggested to simplify your navigation.
  • Many people prefer side bars in their website design. This is the design trend from past 10 years, especially on blogs. Removing side bars encourage reader's attention and the call to action at the end.

There are many web design companies that aims at providing the best designing efforts to the businesses. Make sure that you make a wise decision in choosing the right company.


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The step by step work for designing web site

In doing every sort of work, there are some of the steps to be followed so that the work can be done in an organized and ordered way and those things can be done in the initial stages that are to be done earlier than the others. Same is the case while designing a web site.

Planning about the things to be done:

No doubt the designer designs the web site for the client, so it is supposed to be the vision of the client that what is wanted by him/her to be done with the web site to be created. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that is done is to meet a client and go for a detailed discussion about what he/she actually wants. The designer tries to discuss the ideas of the client thoroughly so that he can provide what the customer actually wants. All the details must be noted down. By making use of these details provided, a plan is created by the designer of the web site that is basically an outline of the objectives of the main project and about the working of the web site of the client.

Designing the web site:

After getting done with the part of planning, the next step is to get started with the process of designing. In this step, the designer is supposed to incorporate the branding, making the strategies for the content of the site, analysis of the design and a lot more. The vision that is described by the client is converted into a design for the web site to be created. The design is definitely based on the objectives of the client.

Development of the site:

After design the next step to be followed by, is the development of the site. This is the part when the design created is given a life. From the sketch, the design is actually created and built properly. All this is based on the vision of the client and his/her specifications or the requirements specified. The customized features are supposed to be integrated and the functions are to be outlined in the plan that was made initially.

Other steps:

The other steps to be followed include the deployment, measurement, evaluation and refining of the created web site.

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