How To Ask For A First Date With Girls

Now, have you ever wanted to ask a woman out but was frigidly frightened to do so? How many times have you asked for a first date with a woman you liked and was rejected? So if I am to tell you that you can now ask for a date with most girls and they will say yes to you, will you want to know how to? I think so by the simple fact that you are reading this article.

You probably may not know this, but the main reason girls agree to go on first date is because she thinks that she will be having a lot of fun with you. It is not about the things you are inviting her out to do, but it is all about how much fun she thinks she will have when she is out on a date with you. It is as simple as that, so do keep this firmly entrenched in your mind.

As I said earlier, there is only one reason why girls will go out with men who dare to ask them out and the reason is for having fun. Bearing this in mind, did you ever noticed that most men when asking a girl out for the first time tend to be very serious? No wonder they get rejected. Where is the fun for being so serious? Such an irony isn't it?

So when you are approaching a gorgeous girl that you like and if she gets the sense that you are too serious, then she will perceive that the date will be boring or awkward and thus will be an unpleasant experience for her. You can bet your three cents worth that she will probably reject your approach. This is the reason why, when you meet a girl, you should immediately have a good time with her. There should be a playful attitude with plenty of pleasant smiles, light laughter, some flirting and teasing. Get that mix wrong and you will never get your date no matter how good your intentions may be unless she has ulterior motives.

From the moment you meet her, you must have fun together. So instead of trying to getting to know you approach, you should with immediate effect concentrate on having an enjoyable moment with her. You don t have to think about getting to know her because as you spend time with her, that will come naturally.

Do you know why most guys fail to get the first date? This is because most of them immediately get into serious questions and try to make her their girlfriend right from the start. When you behave this way, her defense mechanism will be up. Red flags will fly in her mind and she will put you in the too serious category in the folder of her brain. You won t want that to happen, won t you?

So does this mean that you should not discuss more serious subjects like work, school, family and future plans? Of course you can, but only very briefly and in a non serious way. Otherwise, it will be like going for a job interview for her. If she really wants to talk about these heavy subjects, you can answer her questions briefly and then suggest that you talk about them later and switch to other more interesting topics immediately.

Do bear in mind that what both of you are trying to achieve is to have a good time. This being the case, you need to demonstrate that you are a fun guy to be around with because you are able to make any subject of conversation entertaining, delightful and exciting. Talking about a movie both of you have seen or even about your weekend plans is okay, but do it lightheartedly and in a fun way adding plenty of smiles and laughter. Also put emotion into the conversation. This is because when you talk about how you feel, you will naturally have a lot more to say about the subject matter.

It all boils down to this and you know the answer. Would a girl like to date a plain boring guy or the guy who is fun to be with and who can give her a good time? Isn't the answer obvious?

This is the reason why I am always flabbergasted by men who behave prim and proper when they are in the company of beautiful girls. Yes, they may think that this is the right and proper way to behave, but boy, they are burning their chances fast if they are going to ask the girls out for dates!

Now that you know better, so let s get on with it. Ask her out for first date now.

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