5 Biggest Male Fears: How Do Women See And What They Really Think

Although sexual fears are commonly associated with women, many scientists and researchers show that men are not so fearless when it comes to sex. However, it is interesting to men and women use to have a different fears and different views on these fears.

Penis Size

This men fear is definitely on the first place. Even the guys who are above average, use to have this problem. Everything starts from the fact that he is not sure who she was sleeping before him and what kind of experience does she has. So, if a previous lover was endowed, there is always the possibility that new penis between 7 and 8 inches is not enough.

Most women will agree that it is totally unnecessary to think about it. Moreover, many ladies will tell you that the best sex of her life had with "small penises". Men with small penises are trying to satisfy women using alternate techniques, while endowed men usually don’t even try enough. After all, women are often worried about their vaginas So, as long as you know, there is no worry about the size.

Premature Ejaculation

We have learned from Hollywood movies, that sex is not passionate and real sex if not lasting at least three hours, and optimal duration would be… all night. Men therefore fear that shorter sexual intercourse is not enough to their partners, so that their partner must be unhappy and will not be able to enjoy. But as it usually happens, Hollywood movies are full of false facts.

Good sex is good sex, and nothing can determine how good sex should last. A man who cannot come for three hours may be a durable, and it’s fun couple of times, such as roller coasters. But how log is too much? Here's a rough truth - if the guy know what to do, every girl can be led to insanity in five minutes.

He does not know what pleases her


It’s easy for woman to find out if man is confused for only a few seconds. If you do not know what she feels, and if you do not know whether she really enjoys having sex or just acting, it can be quite daunting. In fact, woman can be scared if a guy tries to arouse her by licking her feet, and she was disgusted of that! Fortunately,  it’s easy to solve that problem.

Talk. Yes, women love to talk, especially about love and sex and things about love and sex. Ask her what she likes, but to tell you the truth, you have to emphasize that she is not angry nor offended. Next time will be much better because you will know exactly what leads her to madness.

Comparison with other men

One Canadian survey showed that over half of men are afraid that women constantly compare them with the other men in bed. They don’t think about penis size, only. Unfortunately, the truth is that women don’t like this kind of game. Nice women never compare their partner with the former one.

However, this is not something to be afraid of. On the other hand, if she compare you with her former partners, and decide to be with you, you must be better than others. Of course, this does not apply only to sex, because the girl is ready to forgive bad sex, if the guy in all other fields satisfy her criteria. On the other hand, all women will agree: If you think and compare your partners, you'll never relax, which initially means you will not be able to give your best. This self-sabotage.

Fear of pregnancy

This is, according to all polls, the first on the list of male sexual fears. Unfortunately, from a female point of view we cannot offer you any consolation. In fact, from the perspective of women's reaction to this fear is almost always quite negative.

"You're scared? What do you think about me?! You wouldn’t carrying this baby for nine months in the stomach. I will." This reaction every man can expect.

Fortunately, the solution is very simple - condoms, pills ... Just choose.

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